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Your Favorite Photo
Laser Cut Into 100+ Puzzle Pieces

What Makes a Good Custom Puzzle

  • Having a Good Range of Colors

  • Lots of Patterns, Contrast & Variations

  • Too Much of One Color in an Area can be Frustrating

File Format & Resolution

  • Pictures Need to be Hi Resolution JPEGs

  • Preferably Directly from the Camera or
    Saved on Your Computer

  • NO Screenshots or Pics taken from the Internet

Sizing & Amount of Pieces

  • From 9" x 12" to 18" x 24"

  • Multiple Piece Counts Available Starting at
    100 Pieces up to 500 Pieces

  • Larger Pieces Available by Request

Custom Puzzle Pricing

  • Chipboard Puzzles 18" x 24"    $65

      with Engraved Box                   $79

  • Chipboard Puzzles 12" x 18"     $49

  • Chipboard Puzzles 9" x 12"      $37

  • 2nd Puzzle 10% off / 3rd Puzzle 15% Off

Puzzle 1_edited.jpg
Puzzle 1_edited.jpg
Puzzle 2_edited.png
Puzzle 4.jpg

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